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Looking for the best walking cane for balance?

Individuals suffering from pain, injury, or weakness that may hinder their walking ability are usually recommended walking canes. Walking canes help provide the support you need to balance yourself while walking or standing so you don’t sustain any injury or fall during your movements.

You will find many types of walking canes in the market today. Some with single tips, some with functional grips, and some with multiple small supports at the bottom; each type will provide support, but some are better suited to certain individuals. To help you find the best walking cane for stability, we have enlisted our top picks for this year and all you need to know about them! Whether you are looking or walking canes for women or walking canes for men, we have got you covered. 

Top 6 Best Walking Cane For Balance (2022 Review)


1. HONEYBULL Walking Cane (Best Overall)

best walking cane for balance

Verdict: First up on our list is the HONEYBULL walking cane, the best walking cane for balance. This comes with a height-adjustable design, available from 30″-37″, meaning they will perform exceptionally well for people of varying heights. The foldable design also makes it travel-friendly and easy to carry.

The base is formed of a quad tip which allows you to leave the cane free-standing without toppling over. This base also connects with a pivoting tip that settles flat on uneven ground so you may walk over all types of surfaces with ease.


  • Ergonomic handle design that won’t tire you out.
  • Foldable, lightweight, compact design makes travel or storage convenient.
  • The extra wide base ends in four rubber grips to provide support and traction on all types of terrains.
  • 5 Adjustable heights


  • A few customers have reviewed this to have a mediocre build, particularly the handle not being too sturdy.

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2. StrongArm Comfort Cane for Balance (Best Value Option)

best cane for stability

Verdict: Next up is the StrongArm Comfort Cane, another strong competitor that many also consider one of the best walking canes for balance. This cane comes with a functional grip handle that shifts weight from your wrist to your forearms, giving you increased stability. The cane ends in a standing hexagonal base that provides solid traction over all surfaces.

As for the material design, the tubing is made using lightweight aluminum attached to a foam grip and cradle sleeve. Like the HoneyBull walking cane, this best walking cane for balance also offers adjustable heights (up to 12 different height adjustments!).


  • Offers up to 12 adjustable height settings from 29″-38.”
  • Self-standing base, so your cane doesn’t topple over
  • Patented, unique S-shaped ergonomic handgrip design that shifts body weight from your wrist to your arm for better support.
  • Lightweight material design, easy to carry without tiring out.


  • Some users claimed this design was not too comfortable for them. It is better suited for individuals who have experience with crutches. Others may find the design hard to get used to.

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3. Medline Quad-Cane Hybrid Folding Cane (Best Budget Option)

walking canes for women

Verdict: The Medline Quad-Cane is a hybrid mix of a standard cane and the quad-tip cane. It features a strong, lightweight aluminum design, a comfortable offset grip, and a 4-point tip base.  You will find the Medline folding cane to be quite simple in design.

Furthermore, the 4-point tip provides additional stability, so it doesn’t topple over easily. The Medline also comes with an easy push button for height adjustment. Height adjustments range from 32″-36″.


  • Freestanding aluminum cane that won’t topple over easily
  • Adjustable gel grip cushioned handle
  • Height adjustable design (from 32″-36″)
  • Foldable design, making it easy to travel with or carry


  • The design may seem lightweight or unsteady for habitual users. Users who need minimal support may find this well suited to their needs.

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4. Ergocane 2G by Ergoactives (Best Premium Option)

walking canes for men

Verdict: The Ergocane 2G, as the name suggests, puts plenty of focus on the ergonomics of your cane. The company claims to have made this design under the supervision of an orthopedic surgeon. It is meant to be shock absorbent, adjustable, and comfortable for even long-term use. This best walking cane for balance is one of the first we have seen to offer shock absorption technology making it easier to traverse all types of terrains.

You will also notice the unique ergonomic drip design that prevents callus formation and discomfort even after long-term use. And, like the other canes in this list, the Ergocane 2G is also height adjustable.


  • The ergonomic handle provides better grip and comfort
  • Shock absorption technology
  • Height adjustable design (31.5″-40.5″)
  • Ergocap end helps with better surface grip and freestanding capabilities.


  • Lacks foldable design
  • It may be pricey for some

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5. Drive Medical Foam Grip Walking Cane (Best Grip Option)

walking stick

Verdict: The Drive Medical Foam Grip cane features a gel grip handle that reduces the stress and fatigue on your hand even after long-term use. It further features a foldable, compact design making it easy to store and carry. As for the material design, it is constructed using extruded aluminum tubing that is both durable and strong. The cane is height adjustable from 32”-36” and can support up to 300 pounds of weight.


  • Height adjustable design (32”-36”)
  • The gel grip cane is comfortable to use and reduces stress and hand fatigue.
  • Sturdy build
  • The foldable design makes it easy to carry


  • Some users have experienced difficulty in folding the cane; it opens up easily after folding.
  • The gel handle is not cushioning, so it may be uncomfortable for some users.

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6. Walk Buddy Adjustable Walking Stick (Best For All Terrain)

best walking cane

Verdict: The final cane for balance on our list is the Walk Buddy Adjustable Walking Stick. This anti-slip 4-point rubber base cane is perfect for use in all terrains, including grass, sand, and snow. The cane also comes with an adjustable height feature. One of the most remarkable features of this cane is the SOS alarm and red light that will alert people if needed.

This best walking cane for balance also features bright LED guide light to help you see in dim lighting as you walk forward. These features make the cane perfect for the elderly or disabled, or those recovering from injury.


  • 4-point anti-slip rubber base that makes it easy to maneuver all types of landscapes, making it the best walking cane for stability
  • Built-in LED light and SOS alarm to alert nearby individuals in the case of emergency
  • Built-in FM radio broadcast
  • Adjustable height (from 33”-38”)


  • Many users have claimed the handle snaps off after using the cane for some time.

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Best Walking Cane for Balance: Final Thoughts

Finding the best walking cane for stability is no easy task. But to make things easier for you, we have enlisted a number of top-ranking walking canes here, along with their pros and cons. Each cane performs remarkably well on its own. The cane you consider the best walking cane for balance depends on your unique needs. So, look for the type of height, material, and design that works for you before you make a decision!

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