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Through a multimillion-dollar donation from the Whitney’s, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children was created in 2008. The IHDI has since taken the lead in creating a consensus on treatment and prevention in the medical community, serving as a free public resource to parents and clinicians alike, and providing global outreach to countries with the highest rates of hip dysplasia.

Since 2008
IHDI Has Celebrated the Following Top 10 Accomplishments:

  1. Formed the IHDI – a coordinated think-tank comprised of established hip dysplasia
    experts from around the world who are focused on hip dysplasia innovation.
  2. Established multi-center collaborative research across five countries.
  3. Created a public resource for patients, parents and physicians to find reliable and
    comprehensive information about hip dysplasia.
  4. Created a “Hip-Healthy Baby Carrier Policy Statement” that has influenced the
    baby carrier industry on a global scale.
  5. Published a “Safe-Swaddling Initiative” that has been acknowledged and adopted
    by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  6. Addressed the lack of agreement amongst doctors about how to properly treat
    hip dysplasia by developing a reliable classification system – now internationally
    recognized as the IHDI Classification that allows for meaningful comparisons – as
    well as creating a multicenter database for treatment variations and outcomes to
    identify best practices.
  7. Addressed the lack of standardized education models for diagnosis
    and treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hip.
  8. Conducted research on the most reliable steps for prevention.
  9. Expanded outreach to countries where hip dysplasia is an epidemic
    by providing information in more than 50 different languages.
  10. Regularly send hip dysplasia “teaching boxes” all over
    the world, most often in Central and South America.

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