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This year’s first ever International Hip Health Day has shown us that collaboration and information have never looked more digital and easily accessible than ever before. The online event was hosted by The Hip Hope Network under the leadership of our colleague, Kishore Mulpuri, MD and his team. The power of connecting through virtual avenues, as an International Organization has immeasurable potential for DDH collaboration and research.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute began using this emerging technology just one year after the introduction of the first iPhone – an eon ago in the digital world. This journey to battle DDH began with hand written documents and cumbersome online tools to collect data in copious amounts from centers in five different countries. That precursor of data registration continues to provide a wealth of information for analysis. However, the new International Hip Dysplasia Registry managed by Kishore Mulpuri at the University of British Columbia has continued to maintain the original data while adding more centers and collecting an even wider variety of cases to study current methods of treatment. Thus, the future is bright as we have unbridled access to learn more about hip dysplasia and as we continue to work together towards common goals.

During this process, the research focus of IHDI has changed to develop innovative technology that could eliminate the need for many of today’s treatment methods that are being studied and refined. These IHDI efforts include new findings that would enhance prevention, inexpensive reliable hand-held technology for diagnosis and screening, biomechanical engineering for new types of harnesses or braces that could be effective up to age 18 months without the need for casts or surgery. All of these aspirational goals are within reach and could change the nature of hip dysplasia treatment for the future.

Onward and Upward. We hope you join us for #HipHealthDay2022, as we continue to share our research and findings together…

Our good friend and Colleague Dr. Pablo Castaneda who also serves as one of IHDI’s Medical Advisors is introducing Dr. Price as one of the Hip Hope Network’s Hip Legends.
The start of the IHDI was thanks to the philanthropic partnership with Larry The Cable Guy and the Git-R-Done Foundation.

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