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What is the difference between IHDI and IHDR research?

The International Hip Dysplasia Registry (IHDR) is managed by the Hip Hope Network to capture treatment data from 23 centers around the globe. This is used to compare current methods of treatment and their outcomes. The IHDR has the stated goals of “…identifying the best practices, standardizing treatment and management, and optimizing clinical and functional outcomes for children with DDH.” This is important work that is why IHDI helped initiate this program and subsequently transferred our registry to this platform.

As a result, the research of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute focuses on innovative technology, basic science knowledge, and new methods that have the potential to displace current treatments that are being used globally. While the work of IHDR has the potential to determine the most successful current methods, it is the opinion of IHDI that new methods are needed that are different from current methods. Only through innovation, can surgery be eliminated so that current methods are no longer necessary. Preventing DDH and eliminating invasive treatment is the goal of IHDI. This can only be accomplished by innovations that are outside the current methods of care.

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