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Working Girl


At the 5 month mark I have just completed 9 hours work spread over 3 days. I feel sore, tired and I’m sure pretty normal.

My job is a supervisor in a large thrift store which involves lots of walking. I am on modified duties, as per the surgeon completed form, and am being allowed to do more administration to allow me to sit down.

It feels good to be able to sit down on a normal chair and be able to get up and down easier. I am not saying easy because nothing is coming easy at the moment.  Easier will suffice for now.

Having worked one week alternate days for 3 hours,  the second week I tried 4 hours on the Friday. The third week I tried 4 hours Monday Wednesday and Friday and then tried Saturday for 4 hours as well. I was tired but it felt OK.

I seem to be feeling aches in my back but swimming and exercising in water 3 times  a week is helping to strengthen muscles without a doubt.


My benefits have agreed to pay Long  Term Disability although there seems to be issues that I am waiting to hear on. I advised them on Aug 13 and as of September 16, have not  received any payment. Thankfully I have savings but they go quickly!

I have, however, received a plan of how they think my gradual return should be. I do think it is a little difficult to envisage the increase of  hours that they are suggesting.

I am gradually increasing my hours by an extra hour each day, so it really is a trial and error scenario. Where I work October is our busiest time of year and to increase hours as aggressively as I’m expected to do may be challenging. We shall see.

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